Redwood Health Services (RHS)

Redwood Health Services (RHS) was established in 1976. RHS provides employee benefit plans and third party administration (TPA) services to employer groups. RHS has almost four decades of experience with plan design and benefits administration. Employers who utilize our services and benefit plans experience savings with enhanced benefits.

At Redwood Health Services, we offer an array of flexible, affordable health plans that can be individually designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Our products and services include:

POP (premium only plan). This plan allows employees to pay their share of company health insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, thereby lowering costs for both employers and employees.

Health FSA (flexible spending arrangement). Employees can use this pre-tax account to fund deductibles, copays, and other expenses not covered by their company health plan.

Dependent care FSA. This pre-tax account can be used to reimburse daycare costs for dependent children and adults.

HRA (health reimbursement arrangement). This plan couples a low-cost health insurance policy with an employer-funded account for deductibles, copays, and other expenses.

Full COBRA administration. We offer complete administrative services for COBRA coverage, including premium collections, notifications and other requirements.

Dental and vision plans. These self-insured plans offer flexible benefits, monthly claims activity reports, and access to many dentists and ophthalmologists.

Transportation Plans. Section 132(f) of the IRS code is a qualified Transportation Plan to reduce the cost of commuting to and returning from work. This benefit can only be provided through an employer.

Benefits Card. With our Benefits Card, employees can automatically deduct medical, dental and vision expenses from their RHS health plan accounts. No more receipts to photocopy … no more forms to complete … no more faxes or letters to send. Thanks to the card, our money-saving health plans are easier than ever to establish and maintain.

RHS can provide access to additional providers through its parent organization Pacific Foundation for Medical Care (PFMC).  PFMC is a part of a statewide network, California Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC), with a significant number of providers available.

Redwood Health Services’ corporate offices are located in Santa Rosa, California.

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Established in 1976, RHS provides employee benefit plans and TPA services to large and small group employers. What makes us unique is that we provide customized plans to suit our customer needs. We are able to do this due to our decades of experience serving a nationwide audience.

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Member Benefit Plans

RHS offers flexible, affordable employee benefit plans that can be custom designed to meet your company’s specific needs.
Many of our plans can be coupled with a benefits card to reduce paperwork and increase ease of use.

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RHS Benefits Card

With a swipe of the card, members can automatically deduct medical, dental and vision expenses from their FSA and HRA  accounts. No receipts to photocopy… no forms to complete … no faxes or letters to send.

The RHS Benefits Card can recognize the difference between qualified medical, dental or vision expenses—such as doctor visits or prescription drugs—and non-qualified expenses. It can also be used for copays and insurance deductibles.

The card ties into an online management system that lets members view their FSA and HRA accounts and track their expenses, making these plans from RHS easier than ever to establish and maintain.

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