Our health insurance broker said there was something new on the market we should be aware of.  I’ve always looked for a plan that gives our doctors the freedom to take care of us. With Basic Plus, the medical community can do their job, and we obtained the flexibility of a PPO plan—for less than we were paying before.  Basic Plus is really the best and most innovative option that I’ve come across.

Richard S., Human Resources Manager

We can determine the plan. We can set the limits. We have that flexibility.  That’s what’s great about Basic Plus. We didn’t have to look to the insurance company to tell us the benefits. We determined that. And there’s a good selection of doctors. Our savings in the first year were 40 percent. I have recommended Basic Plus, and I would recommend it to others.

Grant H., Partner

We’re saving a lot of money with Basic Plus.  Our rates with our old plan went up 25% for four years in a row, and we couldn’t take another increase. With Basic Plus we’ve saved 45% over our previous plan costs.  Business associates recommended the plan to me. Now I’m recommending Basic Plus.

Kate B., Vice President

Basic Plus is a big improvement over our previous health plan.  And we’re saving money. We didn’t have to change any of our doctors, I’m always able to talk to somebody, and the benefits are geared to our employees. Basic Plus works well for us and offers what we need.

Tina S.,