Single Billing Simplicity

One of many services that Redwood Health Services (RHS) provides its clients is ‘Single Billing.’ Single Billing removes the complexity the Employer faces in reconciling the Insurance Carrier’s billing to the Employee census.

Under Single Billing:

  • RHS invoices the employer monthly for their Insurance Carrier’s premium, HRA claims, and administrative fees. One check from the Employer will take care of these three services.
  • The Insurance Carrier sends the monthly invoice to RHS for payment. RHS reconciles the monthly Insurance Carrier statement to the census we have in our records for the Group.
  • If there are discrepancies, we will contact the employer or the broker to assist in determining the difference. A census is part of the monthly reports provided to the employer/broker.
  • Insurance Carriers requires the first premium payment to come from the Employer. Subsequently, they will accept checks from RHS. On the Insurance Carrier’s employer application, there is a box for the billing address where the Employer will list the RHS address.
  • Typically we prefer that the Employer sends their new enrollments and terminations directly to the Insurance Carrier with a copy to RHS.

Single billing is a time-saving feature for employers. The employer only receives one bill for multiple payees, writes only one check for multiple payees and their Insurance Carrier’s census is reconciled to the HRA census by RHS. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


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