RHS Benefits Card

With a swipe of the card, members can automatically deduct medical, dental and vision expenses from their FSA and HRA accounts. No receipts to photocopy … no forms to complete … no faxes or letters to send.

The RHS debit card can recognize the difference between qualified medical, dental or vision expenses—such as doctor visits or prescription drugs—and non-qualified expenses. It can also be used for copays and insurance deductibles.

The card ties into an online management system that lets members view their FSA and HRA  accounts and track their expenses, making these plans from RHS easier than ever to establish and maintain.

  • Configure system access for employees
  • Update Employer demographic
  • View enrollment in the plan
  • View current account balances
  • View transaction history and reports


Benefits Card System Access Employers – The employer contact person listed on the Redwood Health Service application is assigned a User Name and Password for the Metavente Benefits Payment System. A representative from Redwood Health Services notifies the Employer user with the website link, username, and password. Contact us once you have your login information at ssylvers@rhs.com.

RHS Benefits Card Login

Contact Sandy Sylvers for access.

Employer Login: Click HERE